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It’s not a lotta bosh; it’s IOSH and it’s very useful Image

It’s not a lotta bosh; it’s IOSH and it’s very useful

Posted: August 7, 2018

During my time working in my current office, I have developed a greater understanding of the construction and property sector by talking to some of the bright colleagues here. It was with a mixture of intrigue and anticipation that I decided at the suggestion of my office manager to undertake a three day health and safety course. What could they possibly tell me which I did not already know about health and safety? Well we are constantly lampooned with the importance of health and safety. When we prepare for take off on a plane to having a video to watch before playing paintball, we tend to nod our heads to whatever we are told without really appreciating the importance of our safety.


IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The Managing Safely course gives the person a taster into the world of health and safety. In their office near King’s Cross St. Pancras, a super enthusiastic teacher who had clearly thought himself an actor and film director in his early days, told us to leave the room immediately and return in ten minutes. We returned only to find our room transformed into a bombsite with lots of laminated paper clues on the walls to explain what made the room unsafe to work in. After this exercise, we grouped the hazards into their categories and learnt about the legal framework surrounding safety. Packed into the day at intervals were exciting case studies from people’s experiences which clearly shows how health and safety is continually developing. Although seemingly pedantic to the layperson, health and safety procedures saves many lives and prevent many injuries every day. On every Aspect Construction site, workers and subcontractors are aware from day one about how to operate safely in an area full of potential hazards.┬áIn a later blog, I will provide an example of how we have adhered to health and safety regulations on a recent project.


From grouping the hazards into their respective categories, to learning the processes required in the event of an injury among other things, knowing how to carry out a risk assessment was by far the most insightful. I have already made attempts to make sure that the office is safe by doing things such as keeping everything tidy and ensuring that equipment is in a good and operable condition for members of staff. Sometimes a task can be made safer by reducing a hazard, sometimes it’s necessary to remove the hazard. The key is to carry out regular health and safety checks so that you can find the best solutions for ensuring a safe working environment.