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Print fight at the A1 Corral Image

Print fight at the A1 Corral

Posted: October 5, 2018

Hi all,

There was a fight the other day at the A1. You probably won’t have heard about it on the news. Traffic is never great during rush hour to be fair. No, I am not talking about the longest road in the UK connecting London to Edinburgh. Although an impressive road, I do not believe I heard about any fights recently on that road between angry drivers.

No. I am referring to this bad guy here… 

Aha!! The culprit. The HP Designjet T120, a fantastic printer with the ability to print out A1 size copies of CAD drawings and architectural drawings in general. Being the latest member of the company and being so damn resourceful, there was understandably a fight to use its services. The fight was waged between Aspect Construction and another company where the printer was based. Unlike battles of the past fought on the battlefield, this was one of diplomacy and careful timing.

Being given an assignment to print out 4 A1 drawings for a project on a typical weekday morning, I looked around and saw my two colleagues from the other company getting on with their work.

Maybe printing some paper might go under the radar. I will give it a shot. This thought became instantly redundant when suddenly another email from the office manager arrived: 4 drawings (4 copies of each)!! With stealth being out of the question, I hit the print button and watched as the printer gave me away by churning out 16 a1 copies of paper in a mechanically noisy way. As each page was being printed, I noticed the eyes of my colleagues glancing backwards and forwards between the printer and their work until finally:


Colleague: ANGELO!!

Me: Yes? (waiting for the inevitable reply)

Colleague: Be careful with how much you are printing. Hmmm. (Long Pause)

Me: Ok.

Colleague: I am going to have a chat with next door.


And with that, the door was opened to war as both sides vied for the printer’s resourcefulness.


Words were exchanged both out loud and on paper, relations normalised and finally a truce agreed. Both sides were to keep records of how much they were printing.


A middle man was used to ensure that printing would continue successfully in both rooms of the office. Here is our middle man below:



Slimmer than its A1 counterpart, this unassuming machine has proven very useful in creating the temporary truce between both parties.


What will be of the A1 printer next? Which room will become disconnected from using it if any at all? Stay tuned to find out more.


To Be Continued…..