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Christmas party 2018!! Image

Christmas party 2018!!

Posted: February 12, 2019

Hello all. And happy February!! And what a long time it has been since posting any information. It has been very busy around here. Well, I shall try to make this short but sweet. Back in December, we had the Christmas party. Held in the local area and one week before the closing off the office, it was hardly surprising to know that words like “champagne”, “jager bomb” and “cider” were going to be entering the air. Here was the invitation which we offered out to our workers, clients and to all those great subcontractors and suppliers who have contributed to our projects time and time again.

Set in the leafy area of Dulwich in the upstairs area of a very comfortable pub, everything was poised to be a good evening. There was a huge selection of starters and main courses to choose from. I don’t know why but I guess all the great conversation had left me rather distracted. The result being that rather than the food or the incredible dance floor area being the focal point of my memory and of my photography, other things were put closer to heart.


First I would like to show you a photo of my closest colleagues at the workplace. My closest friends. This was really the beginning of the evening.

I think what made the Christmas party great is that it gave everyone a chance to catch up with one another. I will say though that it seems like the party had a main star involved in the production. I personally am like most people in not being a huge fan of bills, but lets just say this one was more like a William. Quite sociable in character, he certainly seemed to feature in various photos.



It other instances, some people were just too excited.

And others were just feeling too embarrassed to admit that they were having so much fun!!


The highlight was when my two close friends turned up towards the end of the party; Mr and Mrs Lanson!! I always say its better late than never.



Overall, it was a very good evening full of great chatter and great food and people trying out crazy dance moves on the dancefloor. Hopefully 2019 can be a great year. Well although quite late in the year now, I say to all “Happy New Year”!!